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Increase the effectiveness of your investor relations program

When the capital markets are disrupted, IRO’s, like you, don’t have the time to manage inefficiency. You need a single solution that simplifies your workflow and integrates all of your analytics, monitoring tools, and relationship management functionality in one easy-to-use platform. Built to mirror your workflow, Q4 Desktop makes it easy to build a successful investor relations program, demonstrate its impact, and measure the success of your investor outreach efforts.

Your competitive advantage to win capital

Simplify your workflow and transform your investor relations strategy by streamlining your entire program into one innovative platform. Aggregate all the data generated by your activities, to weave together an insights-driven workflow that can improve targeting and help you to measure impact.

understand-shareholder Image

Understand shareholder activity

In an evolving investment environment, we make sure you know your investors better than they know you. Analyze the impact of your strategy, with immediate insights into stock price and shareholder composition to build true understanding of how investors are reacting to your corporate narrative.

report-on-impact Image

Report on impact

With over 62% of board meetings requiring insights into investor movements and activities, reporting takes up a significant portion of your time. Q4 Desktop is designed to aggregate all the data generated by your IR program into a single platform. This enables you to easily report on stock performance, shareholder composition, and investor engagements, while reducing the amount of time spent on manual reporting by 50%.

target-with-precision Image

Target with precision

Identify the right investor, the first time. With AI targeting you can uncover the ideal investor with accurate predictions built on their probability of both buying and selling your security, as well as their overall quality. Understand the underlying drivers impacting buy-side decisions to streamline your targeting efforts and dramatically improve your investor outreach ROI.

identify-activists Image

Identify activists earlier

Get ahead of potential activist accumulations in your shareholder base with alerts to unusual trading patterns observed in your equity or options. View integrated data from across your investor relations channels, including your website and virtual events, to understand who’s viewing your content so you can get ahead of a potentially hostile situation and formulate a well-informed defense playbook.

Ready to streamline your investor relations workflow?

All the investor relations tools you need in one easy-to-use platform to improve
your daily ROI and make data-driven decisions.

Target and attract quality investors
Drive stakeholder collaboration
Understand shareholder composition
Track market performance
Report to management with actionable insights
Measure investor relations program analytics

Q4 Desktop Features

Innovative Investor Relations CRM

  • 320,000 global contacts
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use CRM
  • Deal pipeline management
  • Board report builder

Enhanced Targeting Workflow

  • Website and events analytics
  • Advanced investor search
  • Contact-level targeting
  • AI targeting
  • AUM and purchasing power
  • Sector and peer insights

Investor Relations Market Intelligence

  • Ownership
  • Sentiment and volatility
  • Trading analytics
  • Relative performance
  • Estimates & research
  • Activism

Bringing in multiple data sources across the board, and distilling those down into very digestible information that can be relayed back to management, is something that makes our lives incredibly more simplified at AMD and we really value that.

Ruth Cotter
SVP of Marketing, HR, and Investor Relations

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Want to learn more about how Q4 can transform your investor relations workflow?