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Financial and Social Widgets

Q4 Web now comes with Financial, Social and RSS widgets that allow you to easily integrate financial content and social updates in any way you can imagine.  Content can be pulled from one or multiple sources and displayed in a vast array of interactive layouts. Q4 Widgets are available for all financial and investor content, all popular social media sites and 3rd party RSS feeds.  

Content can also be “mashed up” from each of these content types to create new and interesting ways for users to access content. All Widgets are easy to embed onto any Q4 website and can also be embedded onto any external 3rd party website or blog (just like embedding a YouTube video). 

The primary benefit of widgets is that web designers now have total freedom to create interactive experiences, while the company maintains 100% control over all content. This allows companies to freely tell their story and to never be hampered by restrictive templates and having to call a service desk to make a change. 

Financial Widgets

Press Releases, Events, Presentations, Financial Reports and SEC Filings are now available as Widgets. Each Widget is 100% configurable in terms of what data is displayed, how it is displayed and what level of interactivity.  The live demo below is a Financial Report widget pulling content from our product demo site. Click on "Portrait View" to see the 7 different options from an unlimited range of possibilities. 

Social Widgets

Social Widgets allow you to aggregate social content from across the web onto your website. Supported channels include: YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Flickr, Twitter StockTwits and Facebook.  Each Widget can be configured with specific user account, tags, search terms etc, allowing for an unlimited freedom in how social content is integrated in the corporate website.  As with all Q4 Widgets these can also be embedded on 3rd party websites, such as the company’s blog, or other websites.

Two live examples of Q4's Twitter Social Widgets 

RSS Widgets 

Content accessible by RSS can now be pulled into a Q4 Widget and seamlessly displayed alongside corporate website content. This allows for external blogs, websites, news sources etc. to be easily integrated and displayed on corporate websites. 

Examples of Q4's RSS Widget being used to pull corporate content in an IR website 

JSON Feeds

All Widget content listed above is also available in a JSON feed format. This means content such as press releases, events, reports and financial data are no longer connected to a specific display, but instead are published as structured data, that can be designed in literally any layout and interactivity.

The example above shows the JSON representation of an object that describes a person.

Contact us for a demo and learn how these widgets and feeds can help you achieve your vision.